The Gate

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Welcome!  Before you are allowed entry into Faerie, you are asked “What are you willing to sacrifice in order to enter?”  The hope is that you are willing to sacrifice your disbelief.  It’s your choice, and like this world, our place depends on our choices.  When the gate of opportunity swings open for you, will you dare to enter, even if it means leaving all else behind?  Or will you choose to stay where you are, safe within the familiar, unwilling to let go of your doubt? Miranda, heroine of The Faerie Tales: Awakening, must answer just such a question.  But then, isn’t that the question we all face at turning points in our lives?

This is my blog website (click The Blog here or above) but I also have a website for my book at  It’s a representation of the sensibility of my book and of the world of Faerie in my head, and has some other writing samples as well.  I can usually be found sitting in the auditorium of a theater somewhere, but wherever I am, I’m bound to have my nose stuck in a book.



Well, here I am, being overly dramatic before going out onstage (I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille…)

Ever since I can remember, my favorite thing in the whole wide world has always been some form of story-telling.  I remember seeing a puppet show about a magic forest when I was in elementary school, and falling in love with the story.  Later on, at the ripe old age of 11, I saw my first play — Much Ado About Nothing.  Again, love at first sight.  Somewhere around 14, I read the Hobbit and my fate was sealed.  It’s no surprise that I wound up in theater, first acting, singing and dancing, then later directing and choreographing, still later playwriting.

And even less surprising when I first picked up pencil and paper, it was the magic forest I saw at a tender age that had taken root in my writer’s heart and never stopped growing.

A word about the pencil and paper thing…  Yes, I write in big thick spiral-bound notebooks with a pencil.  I think I always had stories going through my head but for many years, I thought I couldn’t write.  I would sit down at the computer and type the first paragraph. Immediately, I would begin to edit it, and once I was in editor mode, I couldn’t get past that first paragraph.  I gave up.  Then one (magical) day, my computer wasn’t working and I picked up pencil and paper.  Lo and behold, the writing flowed — poured, even.  Ever since, I write manually first (the pencil is because I frequently erase and cross out, so pens would be messier) and then I edit on the computer.

I envy all those who type directly into their computers — only one step instead of two!  Someday, maybe I will just dictate directly into the computer.  But until that happens, I will wake up, make a big mug of coffee, pick up my pencil and enter the magic forest.  Ahhh. It’s going to be a good day.



Blanca Florido is the YA Fantasy author of "The Faerie Tales" series. She has written three musicals and is currently working on a political thriller. She has written a sci-fi children’s cartoon and is planning a picture book for young children.

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